Singer Sewing machine is considered to be one of the oldest machines that still Sewing has been in existence for over twenty thousand years ago according. Traditionally, both animal horns together with bones were used to make the first sewing needles, and animal’s sinews were used to make the thread. In the fourteenth century, the needles that were made from the iron were invented in additional to the first eye needles that were first seen in the fifteenth century.

How Was Mechanical Sewing Invented?

The birth of eye needle came up as a result of a great revolution that occurred in the entire traditional sewing industry. Europe was the place where the first sewing machine was invented. As a result of this, another country also began to invent similar machines. And from that time, various attempts to improve the sewing machine have been made. Therefore, Singer Sewing Machine Company is considered to be the oldest sewing company.

The Singer’s History

Even though there have been some attempts for the sewing machine to be improved; only one of the attempts has been successful. The production level of the sewing machine was low until 1850 since the improvement products were still not efficient. Isaac Singer successfully came up with the first commercial machine for sewing that made it possible for a mass production to be delivered by the sewing industries.

The first sewing machine that was invented by Singer allowed the needle to move up and down instead of moving sideways. The previous hard-cracked machine was out performed by a sewing machine that was considered to be classical.

Singer Corporation

The first singer corporation came up in 1851 as I.M. Singer & Co. through Isaac Singer together with Edward Clark who was from New York. This corporation is considered to be producing the best quality sewing machines in America and 1865; its name was rebranded to Singer Manufacturing Machine. But currently, the company is known as The Singer Company. Even though the mass company was first established in New Jersey, but it has been able to build its reputation of producing quality sewing machine globally and at the moment the company is based in La Vergne in Tennessee.

The Recent Company

Recently, the word Singer has always been associated with sewing. From its beginning, the company has always been associated with it quality production of sewing machines that has always been improving. The fact that Singer was celebrated for being the first company to come up with a sewing machine has made him be known for his quality machines that can be used by both commercial industries as well as home-based industries.

Market Base

The most common known producer of sewing machine that has its market in almost every part of the world is Singer. You can found their products globally from specialists that have been authorized by the Singer Company. Amazingly, their products can also be purchased through online retailers. This simply means that the Singer Machines can be found almost in every part of the world.

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